Five Times When Fake News on Shah Rukh Khan Went Viral

By Neeraj Kumar             July 6, 2023

Accident at shooting

A media report claimed that the  Bollywood superstar met with an accident while shooting on a set in Los Angeles.

Ban on Pathaan

Shahrukh Khan's fake tweet on the ban of the film Pathaan went viral on social media and created a sensation.

Stopped at airport

Customs officials stopped Shah Rukh Khan and his team at Mumbai airport in an incident involving payment of duties.

Death in air crash

European news network says SRK and seven others died in an air crash when a private jet he was traveling in crashed.

Summoned in drug case

A fake report by ABP News claimed that Shah Rukh Khan has been summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in the drug nexus case.