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Queen Cleopatra – Historical documentary on Netflix

Queen Cleopatra

The docudrama portrays the story of Cleopatra, the final pharaoh of Egypt, as she struggles to safeguard her throne, family, and legacy. The series includes reenactments and expert interviews to bring the story to life.

• Releasing date: !0 May 2023
• Genres: TV Dramas, Historical Documentaries, Docuseries, Social & Cultural Docs, Docudramas
• Directed by: Tina Gharavi and Victoria Adeola Thomas
• Cast: Jada Pinkett Smith, Adele James, Craig Russell, John Partridge, Kaysha Woollery, Andira Crichlow, Greg Lockett, and Philip Walker
• Produced by: Ben Goold, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jimmy Abounouom, Harry Connolly, and Victoria Adeola Thomas

Adele James
Image credit: IMDb

BAFTA and Sundance nominee, Tina Gharavi, is an accomplished filmmaker. Her debut film, “I Am Nasrine,” was nominated for a BAFTA in 2013. Her next documentary, “Tribalism is Killing Us, ” originated from her visit to Angola State Prison, and is set to release later this year. Gharavi also taught filmmaking globally and was honored with an MIT Fellowship. She became a member of BAFTA in 2017.

The new Netflix miniseries Queen Cleopatra has caused controversy for casting a black actress, Adele James, as the leading queen of Egypt. The Netflix platform has been prosecuted for violating Egypt’s media laws, as reported by the media.

Image credit: Google Images
Content credit: Netflix, IMDb



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