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Kylie Jenner Deletes Instagram Post Supporting Israel After Backlash

Kylie Jenner deleted an Instagram post that showed support for Israel after receiving backlash from her followers. The post, shared on Sunday, featured a photo of the Israeli flag with the caption “Praying for Israel” from the account @StandWithUS, which was captioned “now and always we stand with the people of Israel”. She deleted the post about an hour later, and pro-Palestinian comments flooded her Instagram. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu officially declared “war” on Sunday after Hamas launched an attack and called for a massive military response. President Biden and other cabinet officials condemned the attacks on Saturday and reaffirmed the U.S.’ support for Israel.

Kylie Jenner Instagram Post Supporting Israel

Jenner’s post came amid a deadly conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip. The conflict has killed hundreds of people, including many civilians.

Kylie Jenner Instagram Post Supporting Israel

Some people criticized Kylie Jenner for her post, saying she was not informed enough about the conflict to take a side. Others called for her to be unfollowed.

“I’m so disappointed in Kylie Jenner for posting her support for Israel,” one Twitter user wrote.

“She has no idea what’s going on there and is just using her platform to spread misinformation.”

“I’m unfollowing Kylie Jenner after she supported Israel,” another Twitter user wrote. “I can’t support someone who doesn’t care about Palestinian lives.”

Jenner did not immediately respond to the backlash. However, she deleted the post on Thursday.
It is unclear why Jenner deleted the post. She may have done so in response to the backlash or simply changed her mind about sharing it.

Jenner’s post is a reminder of the power of social media to amplify voices and spark debate. It is also a reminder of the importance of being informed about the issues you speak about.

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