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Best Shows to Binge Watch This Christmas

‘Tis the season to get comfy, grab a drink, hot, toasty cookies, and wrap yourself up to watch wholesome titles on your main screen. Christmas is fast approaching, and so are the holidays that come along with it. If you’re looking for suggestions on what to watch as you stay lazy and cozy, then we’re here for all your recommendation needs. There’s always a show that hits just right when everything around you is chilly, and you want those mellow vibes flowing through you.

Naturally, you’d want to stay connected to a good internet to prevent any lag in your streaming, gaming, and any other online ventures. We recommend trusty CenturyLink and its services as the perfect Christmas companion to plug up your online devices with. Enjoy video quality up to 4K and zero lag as you munch through your brownies or popcorn. And now, without further ado, let’s get into our recommendations:

The Witcher

The perfect slash n thrash show to kick start your Christmas holidays. The Witcher is a fine adaptation of CD Projekt Red’s game of the same name. Since the game did so well, the company decided to make a live-action series of it to milk out any additional revenue too. And why wouldn’t they? The daring venture worked out beautifully. Not only did the series pop out as a popular streaming choice for a good duration after its release, but it was also praised for its acting, plotline, and appreciation for staying true to the Witcher’s lore.

Apparently, Henry Cavill, who is the main protagonist of the series, only came on board after he read the script and was impressed by how true the story was going to stay to the lore, the books, and the game. Thus, Cavill gave it his all in his on-screen presence, and we had an amazing cast ensemble to make a show that is worthy of all the playtime it gets this season.

Love, Death & Robots

This show can’t really be justified with just one description. Every episode in this has its own story, vibe, characters, and setting. Though, each of them is perfectly executed in its own right. You could be watching one episode which depicts a post-apocalyptic world with robots as the only surviving beings and the next one could show farmers equipped with robot-mechazoids fighting zombies in their fields. It gets wild, we’ll be honest, but maintains its grippy scenes and heart-wrenching stories throughout each season.

The producers get creative with their thoughts by casually dropping in references to real-world scenarios too albeit with their own twist. For example, you’ll have Hitler as a jelly reigning havoc on humanity. How weird but fascinating is that? Or a sample of yogurt that is tested upon and soon becomes sentient enough to enslave humanity. The entire series is chock full of scenarios that get you wondering!


Friends is the one sitcom that can never get old. Follow the story of six friends that live together (well, mostly). They all have their own bright, colorful personalities that intertwine with each other throughout multiple episodes and their antics are what make the show such a blast. There’s not one episode that won’t have you holding your head as you laugh or facepalm at the dialogues being presented.

Everything from the set to the action to the dynamic is praiseworthy, and it’s exactly because of this that the sitcom has been nominated and awarded so many accolades over the years. Give it a watch if you’re one of those who want nothing serious. Just something plain, upbeat fun to watch.


Another, relatively new sitcom that depicts an entire precinct going through its daily dealings. The cast is a handful of talented actors that give the entire setting a cheery vibe and shows a police force that knows how to balance work and fun. In some parts anyway.

There’s lots of crime fighting, but with a humorous take, and most of the time, you’d be wondering if the police officers really are suitable for the job considering the measures they take. Nevertheless, Brooklyn-99 is a joy to watch, and we’d love for you to have a slice of this perfectly executed sitcom during Christmas.

Boba Fett

Fan of Star Wars? Look no further. Boba Fett is here to bring you a delightful dive back into the world of Star Wars. This time, depicting the life of the infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Fett has never really been a team player, and we’ve always seen him battling out with Jedi or Sith, depending on who pays better. The show aims to delve deeper into Fett’s back story, aiming to uncover what made him into the ruthless bounty hunter that he is now. Show this show some love and get ready for some classical pew-pew.


And that’s a wrap! We’ve done our part in listing down some of the most amazing shows out there and ones that will certainly want you wishing you sat down for just one more before turning in for the night. Most of the aforementioned shows have multiple seasons, so strap in with a cozy blanket if you’re in for the long haul. In any case, you won’t regret any of these.



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