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Adele James

British actress and screenwriter

Adele James Biography

Adele James is a popular British actress and screenwriter who studied at Richmond-upon-Thames College and the University of Bristol. James discovered her passion for acting in high school when she played the stand-in for Mrs. Casper in an all-female production of ‘Kes.’ Her mother recognized her talent and encouraged her to pursue acting as a career. Since then, James has devoted herself to intense training and developing her skills as an actress.

She is famous for her role as Tina Mollett on the TV show Casualty. In 2018, James ventured into screenwriting, and her debut feature, Last Call, won the Best Short Screenplay award. Since then, she has worked with major broadcasters and production companies, including Channel 4, to develop her original TV ideas.

The new Netflix series Queen Cleopatra has caused controversy for casting a black actress, Adele James, in the role of the leading queen of Egypt. The platform has been sued for violating Egypt’s media laws, as reported by the media.

• Full name: Adele James
• Birth date: March 20, 1996
• Birthplace: England, United Kingdom
• Age (as of 2023)
• Profession: Actress, stage artist, and social media influencer
• Famous for: Playing Cleopatra in the Netflix miniseries Queen Cleopatra (2023)
• Ethnicity: Mixed
• Religion: Christianity
• Nationality: British

James Adele as Cleopatra
Image credit: Netflix

Adele James’ physical measurement

• Height: 5 feet 3 inches
• Weight: 55 kilograms
• Hair color: Dark Brown
• Eye color: Dark brown

Adele James interviews

On playing Egyptian queen in a blockbuster new Netflix docudrama

“It’s been very tough. I have been inundated with thousands of negative messages. I’ve had messages wishing me harm, and worse, and ones saying: ‘I must be playing Cleopatra’s slave because I am nothing more than the descendant of one. I would be lying if I didn’t say that the first few weeks of the trailer being released have been difficult.”

On receiving negative messages in her inbox

“I’ve had a lot of people sliding into my DMs [direct messages] privately to tell me how excited they are to see this version of Cleopatra. To know little girls all over the world who look like me are getting excited seeing this strong woman in Cleopatra with my skin tone is one of the reasons why I wanted to do the role in the first place.”

On getting support

“Everyone around me, including my friends and family, has been so incredibly supportive. I am starting to feel excited again. I can still remember the moment my agent phoned me up, telling me I’d got the part. I thought she was playing a prank! Playing someone so iconic has always been on my bucket list, and I feel very proud.”

Image credit: Google Images, Instagram
Content credit: Wikipedia, Netflix, Dreshare, Greek City Times, Express



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